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Columnist, writer and event speaker for a range of publishers on business issues impacting the mobility industry. Columns have appeared in Passenger Transport Magazine (UK), Environmental Media Group (UK), Intelligent Transport (UK), H3B Media - Thinking Highways / Cities (UK), Metro Magazine (US), Landor Publishing (UK), Local Gov Magazine (UK), InMotion - JLR (UK), UITP - Public Transport International (Belgium) amongst others.


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Published articles include:


"Sweden's rail market - a model for the UK?" - Passenger Transport Magazine - September 2019


"How transportation works in Stockholm and Copenhagen: Part II" - Metro Magazine - July 2019


"How transportation works in Stockholm and Copenhagen: Part I" - Metro Magazine - July 2019


"Berlin - a working model of new mobility" - Passenger Transport Magazine - June 2019


"How European cities are providing surface transport to airports" - Metro Magazine - May 2019


"A portal into the world of mobility" - Passenger Transport Magazine - April 2019


"A crisis in small vehicle transport" - Passenger Transport Magazine - February 2019


"European cities respond to growing demand for urban transport" - Metro Magazine - February 2019


"Dont leave rail users in dark over closures" - Passenger Transport Magazine - January 2019


"e-Scooters in Europe - managing the next mobility innovation" - Metro Magazine - December 2018


"The impact of new ways of working" - Passenger Transport Magazine - November 2018


"The state of national rail franchising in the UK" - Metro Magazine - October 2018


"We need a choice of cross-Channel trains" - Passenger Transport Magazine - September 2018


"Bordeaux' impressive mobility options balance modernity and history

- Metro Magazine - September 2018


"Public transport can't be complacent" - Passenger Transport Magazine - August 2018


"Improving public transit safety for women and the impact of ride-hailing services" - Metro Magazine - June 2018


"Safer transport and automation" - Passenger Transport Magazine - June 2018


"The Need for Openness in Transport Systems" - Urban Mobility Daily - June 2018


"The Impact of Ageing Society"- Passenger Transport Magazine - May 2018


"How Mobile Technology is Revolutionising Waste Collections"- Environment Media Group - March 2018


"The rollout of contactless ticketing in Europe"- Metro Magazine - February 2018


"2018 Transit Trends from around the Globe"- Trapeze Group - January 2018 (also republished via Coach & Bus Week, Passenger Transport)


"Europe Considers the end of the fossil-fueled engine in private vehicles"- Metro Magazine - October 2017


"UITP Summit Unveils Differing Transport Narratives, Approach to Challenges" - Metro Magazine - June 2017


"After several months, is London Night Tube service working?" - Metro  Magazine - May 2017


"TravelSpirit UK Whitepaper 1: Open or Closed?, May 2017" - (joint) Travelspirit Foundation - May 2017


"The need for smart waste collection" - LocalGov Magazine - May 2017


"A look at electric buses in London, UK" - Metro Magazine - March 2017


"How entrepreneurs succeed in smart transportation" - JLR InMotion - Feb 2017


"Rotterdam's Mobility Story includes..." - Metro Magazine - Jan 2017


"Creating resilient cities" - LocalGov magazine - Dec 2016


"Europe's Air Pollution Issues and some Cities' Solutions" - Metro Magazine - Nov 2016


"The challenges for regional city innovation in the face of Brexit" - LocalGov magazine - Sept 2016


“The disruptive journey to future mobility”- InMotion Magazine (JLR) – June 2016


“The numerous transport challenges facing Berlin”- Metro Magazine – June 2016


“Competition heats up in Europe's long distance rail market”- Metro Magazine – May 2016


“Rebuilding London’s rail terminals for the latest transport challenges”- Metro Magazine – March 2016


"Zero Emission Taxis and Car Free Cities – a Perspective for the Taxi Industry" - Private Hire News - Feb 2016


“Taxi Innovation in Paris”- Private Hire News- Feb 2016


"The challenge of new taxi business models - A London perspective"- Metro Magazine - Dec 2015


"15 years on, Contactless Ticketing in London" - Metro Magazine - Oct 2015" - Metro Magazine - Oct 2015


“How transportation played key role in transformation of Milan” - Metro Magazine - June 2015


"Why should an Autonomous Car still be a Car?" - Thinking Highways - April 2015


"Cycling & Public Transport - Are they Really Working Together?" - Metro Magazine - May 2015


“Leipzig – A model of transport investment planning” - Metro Magazine – June 2015


“Taxi operators need to embrace, not obstruct, the urban mobility revolution” - Landor Publishing – Sept 2014


"Making a 'Secure' City a much more 'Liveable' City" - Thinking Cities - June 2015


"Ageing in Society and its impact on transport - public and private" - Landor - 2014 and summer 2015


“Car Sharing and its role in challenging the business model of transport operators” - Events in London and Brussels. 2013 /14


“The growing impact of business hubs and how the transport industry should be looking to use these as a business advantage as the nature of work changes” - New Transit - May 2013


“Is London a Good Case Study for Sustainable Transport” - – Dec 2013


"Facing the Future: The customers are taking charge of our business: Are we ready?" - An examination of the impact of social media on customer expectations and reactions and how the public transit industry will need to change. New Transit - Feb 2013


“The role and need for change as a result of Open Data” - Landor – 2013